HID's Free Priority Prox Card Service For Proximity Access Control Cards Ship In 48 Hours Or Less

IRVINE, Calif., Aug. 17, 2004 – HID, the premier manufacturer of contactless access control cards and readers for the security industry, today announced a program that ships their most popular proximity access control cards in as little as 48 hours.  The Priority Prox service from the company's Irvine, Calif. facility applies to order quantities between 100 and 300 cards.

"HID is committed to seeking better methods for improving customer service," said Mark Rivoli, HID's vice president of Service and Support.  "Our customers have a strong desire to deliver access cards as quickly as possible to their end-customers and we are proud to have introduced a program in North America that improves product delivery for them."

"The Priority Prox Card Service program is significant not only for us but it has created a noticeable difference with our customers who are extremely pleased with the dramatic reduction of lead times," said Jeanne Imbrogno, manager of Customer Service for AMAG Technology, a leading developer of advanced-technology security management systems located in Torrance, Calif.  "We have seen many partner programs from a variety of manufacturers introduced over the years and know that utilizing HID's newest program is a key element for making a positive impact with our direct customers."

"As a system integrator, our primary mission is dealing with the end users. Our experience shows that end users may not consider long lead times that may occur with obtaining access cards," said Trygve Kolstad, vice president Product Management of Securitas Security Systems USA, Inc., a leading security systems integrator.  "Situations where the end user is running out of cards for their system and then are told they need to wait several weeks for delivery of these cards, typically creates significant tension between the end user, integrator and the vendor.  The new HID program addresses this and enables us to serve our customers even better."

"The capability of reducing product lead times is a win-win situation for all distribution levels in the security products channel," said Bill Turner, director of Product Marketing at Clark Security Products, a leading nationwide security products distributor.  "Service programs focused on delivering value directly to end users are strategic for everyone involved."

The ISOProx® II 1386 125 kHz proximity card, DuoProx® II 1336 125 kHz proximity card with magnetic stripe, and ProxCard® II 1326 125 kHz proximity card with optional PVC overlay are part of this program and feature card programming and inkjet card numbering and have an up to 84-bit proximity format read range.  The ProxCard II 1326 includes a standard slot punch and is constructed of molded plastic.  ISOProx II and DuoProx II are constructed of PVC laminate with a gloss finish.

The Priority Prox Card Service program has been successfully serving HID North American customers since April 1, 2004 .  The service is free of charge to all HID direct customers in North America and guarantees the 48-hour shipment after receipt of complete card ordering information and HID acknowledgement.  Due to the quick turnaround on Priority Prox orders, the company's 24-hour order cancellation/change policy does not apply.

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