HID Partners with RF Ideas to Expand Proximity Technology to Logical Access

Irvine, California (September 11, 2000) HID Corporation and RF Ideas, Inc., have announced their collaboration to bring proximity access control to PCs and computer networks using the same HID proximity cards that control physical access to facilities.

The pcProx system consists of a proximity card reader connected to a PC and the AIR ID software package. Users simply place their proximity cards on the reader and, if required by the system administrator, enter a password. The software verifies their identity and access rights and allows them to use the PC.

By enabling the use of existing HID physical access control cards, the pcProx system allows companies to leverage their access control infrastructure and provide the same protection for their corporate data as they have for their physical facilities. The system is seamlessly compatible with the estimated 65 million HID proximity cards in use around the world.

The AIR ID software simplifies both implementation and administration of the logical access control system. It features a Learn mode, which automatically enrolls users in the system when they log on for the first time using their proximity cards. And the TD2F feature provides time-defined, two-factor authentication to achieve a balance between security and convenience. The system administrator can define time constraints so that a user can remove his or her card from the reader for short periods of time, thus preventing access to the PC. The card can be presented to gain access without re-entering a password. Unauthorized users are unable to use lost or stolen cards because the time limit will have expired.

"The pcProx system enables our enormous installed base of proximity customers to easily extend their access control to their computers and networks," said Joe Grillo, Chief Operating Officer of HID.

Rick Landuyt, President of RF IDeas, concurred: "Most of the expense of an access control system lies in the deployment phase. By using existing infrastructures, the pcProx system provides high levels of security for logical assets."

RF IDeas, Inc., provides innovative radio frequency solutions for automated security and identification in computer and facility access control applications. For more information about RF IDeas, please contact Rick Landuyt, President, at (847) 520-7900 or by e-mail at [email protected]. Web site: www.rfideas.com.