HID Introduces Parking Area Active Tag

Irvine, CA (March 14, 2000) - In response to the growing demand for parking-area access control, HID Corporation has announced the addition of ProxPass to its product family of Prox by HID. The affordable, long-range, battery-powered tag mounts easily to the inside of a vehicle windshield. ProxPass works with existing MaxiProx readers, and is fully compatible with any system that can use HID proximity cards. Now one system can answer all building and parking access control needs.

"At a third the price-per-lane of high frequency readers and a reduced tag cost, ProxPass provides enhanced security and convenience at an exceptional value," said Joe Grillo, HID Executive Vice President. "In addition, this low-frequency tag reduces the number of misreads considerably. High frequency tags emit a signal up to 20 feet, so when a vehicle is attempting to gain access, tags in nearby vehicles are often unintentionally read. ProxPass has exactly the right read range for parking applications."

"The ProxPass active tag utilizes HID's standard MaxiProx reader at entrance points in parking areas," explained Peter Lowe, HID Vice President of Engineering. "The battery-powered tag provides a signal to the reader for up to three years. All that is required is for the driver to be within six to eight feet of the reader to open the gate."

Twenty percent of security-related lawsuits involve incidents in parking areas, with average jury awards of $575,000, spurring demand for parking-area access control. In a recent survey conducted by Security Magazine, hospital security directors indicated that resolving parking-area problems was their top priority. The ProxPass active tag will be available through HID product provider partners in April, 2000.