HID Global to Demonstrate iCLASS at the Tenth Annual Congressional Internet Caucus Advisory Committee Tech Exhibition

IRVINE, CA., January 22, 2007 - HID Global, a leading manufacturer inthe access control industry, will demonstrate its iCLASS®: 13.56 MHz smartcard technology at the 10th Annual Congressional Internet Caucus AdvisoryCommittee Kickoff Reception and Technology Exhibition, January 31, 2007.The Tech Exhibition event will highlight some of the key issues drivingpolicy-making in the 110th Congress. Hands-on demonstrations of the latesttechnologies in hardware, video content, biometrics, consumer electronicsand more, will help illuminate these debates and possible solutions.

HID's 13.56 MHz iCLASS contactless smart card technology enhancessecurity through data encryption and mutual authentication between the cardand reader. Optimized to make physical access control more powerful, iCLASStechnology provides versatile interoperability and is used in diverseapplications including access control, biometric verification, firstresponder/handheld products, PC secure log-on, time and attendance,point-of-sale/cashless vending, and intercom and other applications.

The Internet Caucus Co-Chairs, Senator Patrick Leahy and CongressmenRick Boucher and Bob Goodlatte, will review the technology issues they feelwill be drivers for Internet innovation and policymaking decisions. TheInternet Caucus Co-Chairs will be joined by Members of a UK ParliamentInternet Group (EURIM). This event will be widely attended by Internetindustry and non-profit representatives, Members of Congress, congressionalstaff, media, and staff from independent agencies.

"As a leader in the access control industry, HID Global recognizesthe critical importance of addressing privacy and security at every levelin the implementation of access control systems," said Kathleen Carroll,HID Global's director of government relations. "We welcome the opportunityto demonstrate our iCLASS technology, including our iCLASS readers whichGSA has approved for its FIPS 201 Approved Products List, to members ofCongress and their staff."

The Congressional Internet Caucus Advisory Committee is a diversegroup of public interest, non-profit, and industry groups working toeducate Congress and the public about important Internet-related policyissues.

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