HID Global Asure ID® 2009 Revolutionizes Card Personalization Software

IRVINE, Calif., Feb. 17, 2009 – HID Global, the trusted worldwide leader in providing solutionsfor the delivery of secure identity, today announced the launch of Asure ID® 2009 cardpersonalization software. A complete rethinking of the most effective ways to design and producepersonalized IDs, the software enables users to control how data is sequenced and entered, greatlyimproving the speed and throughput of enrolling card holders and making smart card developmentand deployment simple. Available in four editions with increasing functionality, Asure ID is theideal solution for organizations looking to complete multiple ID card projects and produce highquality ID cards in the most timely, secure and efficient manner.

Incorporating a highly intuitive user interface that utilizes familiar Microsoft® Ribbon-likecontrols, Asure ID 2009 integrates extensively researched practices and user-tested tools that makeID card design, data entry and data management easy. Built on the Microsoft .NET technologyplatform, Asure ID draws upon the powerful underlying software architecture to provide thestability and interoperability required for ID badging projects.

“With its completely redesigned user interface, Asure ID 2009 changes the standard of how IDcard software should look, feel and perform,” said Glenn Bottomly, Ph.D., director of productmarketing, Software, HID Global. “Simple to learn, loaded with useful features and flexibleenough to produce ID cards and secure credentials with unprecedented ease and simplicity,virtually any size or kind of enterprise can benefit from this line of card personalization software.”

Other features of Asure ID 2009 include:

iDIRECTOR™: Improves smart card deployment by managing how applications are loaded ontocards in a single encoding pass, including:

  • a new Live Link™ wizard that demystifies how connections are made to external datasources,
  • a configurable data entry center that allows greater control when entering individual data orgroups of records,
  • simplified processes for capturing and importing photos and signatures, and
  • the ability to preview fully designed cards on-screen prior to printing.

Asure ID 2009 is available in four editions, with increasing functionality, to fit the needs of anytype of organization:

Asure ID Solo™ 2009: Entry-level card personalization software, Asure ID Solo providessimplified processes for card design, a configurable data entry center, streamlined card productionwith dual-sided printing capabilities and basic database functionality to save records.

Asure ID Express™ 2009: This easy-to-use, standalone card personalization software offersadvanced card design, a configurable data entry center for quick card production, and basicexternal database connectivity, allowing for real-time data exchange and batch and sheet printingcapabilities.

Asure ID Enterprise™ 2009: This networkable edition allows multiple workstations to share acommon database. Database connectivity is enhanced by allowing users to connect for real-timedata exchange. Along with its advanced, yet intuitive card design processes, this edition also offersa configurable data entry center and batch and sheet printing.

Asure ID Exchange™ 2009: Designed for the most sophisticated secure credential applications,this networkable edition provides advanced smart card functionally supported by theiDIRECTOR™ encoding and management module, as well as the ability to connect to the widestrange of external databases with Live Link™ for real-time data exchange. It also features aconfigurable data entry center, intuitive card design processes and batch and sheet printingcapabilities.

Asure ID 2009 software is available beginning February 2009, with a free 30-day trial version andan informative product demonstration available for download from the newly redesigned HIDGlobal website at www.hidglobal.com.

For product or technology questions, or training beyond the scope of this material, please contactyour HID Global sales representative.

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