HID Global Adds Two Robust Transponders to its Asset Tracking and Automation Applications Product Portfolios

IRVINE, Calif., April. 1, 2010 – HID Global, the trusted source for solutions for the delivery of secure identity, today announced two new ultra high frequency (UHF) transponders for tracking assets and monitoring products in process automation. The IN Tag 500 UHF and the InLine 120/52 UHF tags join a family of broad RFID (radio frequency identification) tag solutions from HID Global that serve customers in waste management, automation, asset calibration and management applications.

These two new UHF tags available from today on are optimized for use at 869 MHz. Specific versions designed for applications at 915 MHz will be launched in May 2010.

The IN Tag 500 UHF transponder is designed for broad use in process automation applications, and is especially suited to high temperature environments with requirements of read ranges up to 3 meters. The tag provides high resistance to aggressive liquids and extreme temperatures and can be mounted easily on plastic, wood or metal. IN Tags are highly robust, withstanding temperatures up to 140 degrees Celsius, making them ideal for severe environments.

The InLine 120/52 UHF tag is ideal for logistics applications, featuring the significant read range of up to 6 meters. Suited for returnable transport item identification, the InLine 120/52 UHF tag features anti-collision functionality and fast data communication on metal or wood and in air, for quick and accurate container identification. Its sturdy design protects it from impact, and its large read range provides maximum flexibility. Multi-read and anti-collision capabilities enable tags to be read and recorded simultaneously in seconds, even through other materials. HID Global’s InLine 120/52 UHF tag provides logistics solutions providers and customers with a viable alternative to active technology transponders which offer limited lifetime use.

“The growing sophistication of today’s logistics and manufacturing processes demand enhanced product and asset monitoring systems that gather and provide large amounts of data for decision making,” said Marie-Françoise Glotz, vice president, Industry and Logistics for HID Global. “Products such as our two new tags enable sets of data to move with a product, adding information at various stages along the way. A fully automated asset tracking system using secure contactless technology from HID Global helps organizations trace their assets seamlessly, reducing losses and human handling errors.”

“As a leader in track-and-trace capabilities, HID Global is proud to provide its customers with a wide variety of specialized tags that will help them improve the efficiencies of their operations,” said Mark Scaparro, senior vice president, Identification Solutions for HID Global. “The IN Tag 500 UHF and InLine 120/52 UHF tags will help to lower operating costs, improve stock management, reduce spoilage and speed processes.”

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HID Global
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