HID And iCLASS™ Development Partners Demonstrate A Broad Range Of Applications At Cardtech/Securtech

Washington D.C. , April 27, 2004 HID, the premier manufacturer of contactless access control cards and readers for the security industry, will demonstrate the latest in smart card technology with their iCLASS development partners at the CardTech/SecurTech Conference and Exhibition in the Washington Convention Center, Washington D.C. from April 27 through April 29 in booth number 505.

"Application development is critical for smart card deployment and growth worldwide," said Holly Sacks, HID's vice president of Marketing.  "We consider our development partners an extension of the iCLASS platform because they deliver specialized vertical applications integrating HID's open and interoperable contactless smart card technology."

In addition to the broad range of iCLASS partner application products, HID will demonstrate its full line of iCLASS 13.56 MHz read/write contactless smart card technology including a demonstration of its open and interoperable capability to read Mifare DESFire, Picopass, TI-RFid contactless smart cards.  Also on display will be HID's proximity, combination magnetic stripe/proximity readers, OEM modules, multi-technology contactless smart cards and HID's card custom card service used to create custom credentials in various form factors that can include anti-counterfeiting features for added card security.

Biometrics Applications
bioCLASS™ by HID Corporation
HID's bioCLASS product family offers 13.56 MHz contactless smart card technology combined with an LCD keypad reader providing users with new options for supporting biometric capabilities and multi-identity authentication.  Utilize contactless card presentation with fingerprint biometric for tri-level verification or a personal identification number (PIN) for increased levels of security, easier security management, reduced biometric reader costs and the alleviation of individual privacy concerns.  A field-upgradeable LCD screen directs finger-placement, usage and offers customized messages with user-defined function keys. 

V-Smart iCLASS by Bioscrypt
Bioscrypt's V-Smart iCLASS is a practical and affordable two-in-one reader that combines Bioscrypt's proven high-security fingerprint matching technology with support for iCLASS.  It is optimized for access control and multiple applications, delivers the security and versatility of smart cards, and yet retains the affordability and convenience of proximity cards. Offering one-to-one biometric template authentication, the V-Smart iCLASS reader provides traditional access control customers fast throughput and individual privacy.

IrisCode® by LG Electronics
Iris recognition is offered in smartcard format via integration with HID's new iCLASS card and reader. With the 512 byte IrisCode incorporated on the token, the coupling of this advanced contactless smartcard and the high-integrity authentication from the non-contact biometric provides the ultimate in two factor authentication. Ideal for a range of highly sensitive security applications where a premium is placed on human or physical assets, the solution is especially well suited for environments where protective clothing or glasses are worn.

BM-ET300 Series by Panasonic
The Panasonic BM-ET300 series Iris Recognition camera coupled with the Panasonic PEARLS application software provides a complete out of the box solution for creating Iris Code™ iCLASS cards used for a vast array of identity management solutions. The complete solution integrates iCLASS readers form both HID and RFIDeas. The Iris Code can be read directly into the BM-ET300 walkup camera or used in conjunction with the award winning BM-ET100 desktop camera for complete "Door to Desktop" deployment.

Wireless Application
WyreLess Access
WyreLess Access is proud to introduce iCLASS-compatible versions of its Wireless Portable Reader (WPR) and Modular Integrated Reader Lock (MIRL) solutions. The WPR serves several applications, including muster, guard tour, security perimeter expansion, bus loading, and event access, without wires for power or card data. The MIRL provides everything you need for door access in one complete kit that installs in an hour or less, while eliminating the need to run wire to the control panel up to 200' away.

Cashless Vending Applications
ViVOpay Prox and iCLASS by ViVOtech
ViVOtech enables cashless vending by employing standard wireless technologies, such as radio frequency (RF-RFID), to enable consumers to pay with contactless cards for goods and services at existing POS systems and vending machines. By just waving their contactless cards (credit, debit, access control, Prox, or iCLASS cards) consumers can make purchases with greater convenience and security using their existing credit, debit and pre-paid accounts.

Handheld Reader/Verifiers
DSVII®-SC and DSVerify2D by Datastrip
Datastrip exhibits the DSVI®-SC and DSVerify2D handheld devices specifically designed to provide identity verification by reading contact and contactless chips and 2D bar codes on identification documents such as ID Cards, Passports, National ID Cards, Driver's Licenses and other identity documents.

Parking Access
AVI Proximity Reader by NEDAP
NEDAP is a leading Dutch RFID technology manufacturer and systems developer introduce proximity card-enabled Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI) Reader.  This new dual-ID, long distance, high speed AVI system integrates HID proximity cards with an in-vehicle mounted "Combi Booster."  The 2.45 Ghz transmitter securely transmits both the driver's proximity serial ID number and an embedded vehicle ID simultaneously.

IT Security Software & Applications
Open Domain specializes in the design, development, and implementation of web database information systems, including smart card, network and security design, installation, and support services. Incorporated in September 1996 by a group of highly motivated individuals, Open Domain provides exceptionally well-engineered software solutions and services with great success.

Desktop Readers
RF Ideas
RF IDeas manufactures desktop and embedded proximity and iCLASS–compatible readers for the entire line of HID product offerings.  The pcPROX® and RFID1356i® line solves various employee identification, time and attendance, PC logon, vending, loyalty, and asset tracking needs.  RF IDeas offers a complete line of readers for PCs, PLC, embedded controllers as well as Wiegand converters for OEMs and software developer kits.

About CTST
CardTech/SecurTech (CTST) is the largest U.S.-based smart card, biometrics, and security technology trade show and the leading showcase for technologies that are speeding transactions, protecting identities, securing perimeters and giving marketers a new tool in the fight for consumer loyalty.  For more information, visit www.ctst.com.