Fargo-Exclusive Printer/Encoder Prints Badges 42% Larger Than Standard Credit Card

Minneapolis, MN (April 5, 2006) Fargo Electronics, Inc. (NASDAQ – FRGO), a global leader in the development of secure technologies for identity card issuance systems, today announced the launch of the HDP600 CR100 Card Printer/Encoder, the industry’s only desktop printer able to print full images over the edges on CR-100 (3.88 x 2.63”) cards. The HDP600 CR100 utilizes Fargo’s High Definition Printing™ (HDP®) technology and is available immediately.

“Oversized IDs let you visually scan a crowd and see immediately who has proper credentials and access rights,” said Andy Vander Woude, Fargo’s Director of Product Marketing for Secure Printer/Encoders. “With the superior print quality of HDP technology and oversized card stock, you can create cards that can tell you at a glance who is authorized for a specific area and who is not.”

Oversized cards are important when the visual identification of a cardholder is critical to overall security. The larger card size and over-the-edge printing allow for bigger photos for faster and more accurate authentication. Event badging at professional sports, concerts, awards ceremonies and conventions all utilize oversized cards to instantly distinguish VIPs, athletes and artists from fans. In applications such as amusement parks, incentive travel and courtrooms, oversized cards are used to designate different classes of cardholders. In addition, high-security applications such as airports and political badging use oversized IDs to see who has access rights into restricted areas.

HDP600 CR100 Card Printer/Encoder Features:

Dual-sided printing capabilities:
The HDP600 CR100 prints on both sides of a card for added security. The cardholder’s information can be printed identically on both sides of the oversized card to ensure that regardless of which way the badge is worn, there is easy visual identification. Or variable information can be printed on the reverse side to help differentiate authentic cards from forgeries.

Enhanced security features:
An optional laminator is available for customers with additional security or durability concerns. The HDP600 CR100 can add a holographic overlaminate to cards for maximum protection from forgery, tampering and routine wear and tear. 

The HDP600 CR100 is available at a Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price of $10,995. The standard model with the addition of a laminator retails for $15,995.

For more information on oversized card printing with the HDP600 CR100, visit http://www.fargo.com/products/hdp600-cr100-overview.asp. 

About Fargo

Founded in 1974, Fargo Electronics is a global leader in the development of secure technologies for identity card issuance systems, including secure card printer/encoders, materials and software. The company has sold more than 120,000 systems in the U.S. and over 80 other countries worldwide. Fargo card issuance systems reduce vulnerabilities and potential for loss of time, money and lives by continually improving the security of identity credentials. Fargo provides physical, information, and transaction security for a wide variety of applications and industries, including government, corporate, national IDs, drivers' licenses, universities, schools and membership. Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, Fargo markets its products through a global distribution network of professional security integrators.