Morley Electronics Ltd

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United Kingdom

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Morley Electronics Ltd

Morley Electronics was established in the early eighties to provide high tech electronic solutions to a variety of applications. In the early nineties, the company began its involvement in the electronic access control and integrated systems sectors of the security market and have since established a good and growing reputation for excellence, expertise and support in this fast changing, high technology marketplace. Morley continues to successfully partner end users and installers in the execution of projects using Morley's in-house range of access control hardware and software products, seeking better products and more value added along the way. Morley focuses on the creation of increased value through better product design and support. Our partners, with whom we enjoy long-term relationships for mutual success, share this value and find their project margins increasing, their bottom line project costs decreasing and their recurring revenue improving. If you would like to share in this philosophy and become a Morley partner, if you seek better products, better prices and better support, contact us now. Our applications and installed systems are too numerous to mention, but include the following general application groups; - Single & Multi-site Offices/Production/Warehousing buildings, enterprise solutions - Schools & Universities, multi-campus control, one-card solutions - Special risk installations (refining/chemical/production) and hot-work permit solutions - Hospitals & acute mental health/care centers, security & exposed persons security - Retail outlets, countrywide & international, security control, people & cost management

Business Segments:

  • Physical Access Control
  • Embedded Solutions