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Security is a multi-faceted concern to countries and states, requiring solutions that can address multiple challenges. HID Global is a leader in employing world-class design, sophisticated manufacturing and innovative technologies to create counterfeit-resistant and tamper-proof identification credentials that are trusted by governments worldwide. As a key player in the rapidly growing electronic passport, e-visa and e-national ID sector, we deliver more than 250 million cards per year for a range of customized government ID programs. HID Global’s unequalled expertise in secure access and contactless technology has fueled HID’s industry leadership in e-documents.

To provide a streamlined solution that meets any level of security requirements, HID Global combines advanced overt, covert and forensic features, including microprocessor chip technologies, LaserCard® optical security media and RFID and hologram under overlay. As a leader in e-passport inlays and data pages, our solutions with ceFLEX™ material and wire transfer technology are designed to extend the life of e-documents while withstanding daily mechanical wear and reducing incidents of tampering and fraud.

HID Global works collaboratively with clients, from concept and design through manufacturing, to deliver value at every stage of the process. HID employs innovative and highly differentiated technologies, processes and systems, including high-resolution polycarbonate offset printing and lamination of complex card structures, to deliver solutions that meet the complex goals of large-scale ID projects.

HID Global’s core expertise includes material selection, integrating security features, and combining technologies to maximize counterfeit resistance while fulfilling multi-functionality and durability requirements. HID’s global manufacturing facilities are ISO 9001-certified, and have been cleared by client government security specialists.

Credential expertise and innovation

  • Design and printing: Layout and artwork can be proposed by customers, or HID Global can assist with the design.
  • Materials selection and card construction: HID’s expertise covers a wide range of materials such as polycarbonate, PVC, ABS, PET, Teslin and composites..
  • Machine-readable technologies: HID Global configures a combination of ID technologies, from basic memory and microprocessor chips (contact or contactless), to tamper-proof, highly counterfeit-resistant optical security media for the highest levels of security.
  • Security features: Depending on counterfeit- and tamper-resistance requirements, HID Global can customize a layered and blended mix of features to achieve the desired level of security.
  • High quality manufacturing: HID Global understands the quality of finished Genuine HID™ products can impact a customer’s image, therefore, HID maintains an uncompromising commitment to high quality.
  • Personalization bureau: HID Global’s in-house client service bureau personalizes cards in a secure, dedicated area using either laser engraving or dye transfer printing.

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Cards and Applications

Wide Range of Card and ID Solutions

  • Smart cards
  • LaserCard optical security media
  • Contact/Contactless
  • Dual interface
  • Multi-technology
  • OEM components and raw materials
  • Passport holder pages

Major Applications

  • Citizen and foreign resident ID
  • Government employee ID
  • Driver's license
  • Border security
  • Vehicle registration
  • Government services
  • Health care

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