Extensive Line of Government Readers

include an extensive line of powerful and versatile readers, enabling a broad scope of applications powered by secure contactless technology.


HID Global’s readers lead the industry in accuracy, compatibility, technological innovation and responsiveness. Used by the world’s top scanner suppliers, the company’s reader technology and solutions are deployed across a wide range of government and national ID programs, including most national government ID projects in countries including Canada, Egypt, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Sweden, Russia, UK and the U.S. HID Global’s Citizen ID Solutions include an extensive line of powerful and versatile readers, enabling a broad scope of applications powered by secure contactless technology.

Designed with Developers and Integrators in Mind

By providing a universal platform of boards, modules and accessories, HID Global enables integrators to rapidly build reader solutions that are flexible, scalable and easily integrated. Globally certified by organizations including ICAO, FCC and CE, the Citizen ID Solutions portfolio allows systems integrators to achieve faster on-the-ground adoption of reader solutions in government ID programs. HID Global’s open platform allows the management of multiple cards, e-documents and passport technologies in a single embedded device with options to support a variety of applications. The platform is easily configurable and offers excellent investment protection through its ability to support emerging and future technologies.

By providing a single embedded device that offers an interface to all contactless and contact media, HID Global opens the door to truly scalable integration.

A Broad Range of Reader Technologies and Solutions

While e-passports, e-visas and e-IDs are overcoming traditional barriers to travel and transit, they can create document security and interoperability challenges. To meet the varying technical, performance and security requirements of government-to-citizen ID programs around the world, HID Global offers a broad range of adaptive, flexible, and scalable e-document reader solutions, including a state-of-the-art identiCLASS™ Embedded Reader Platform. Under continuous development to support emerging and future needs, Genuine HID solutions are highly customizable and are designed to address a wide scope of government needs.


Meeting a Wide Scope of Government Needs


  • Reader boards for card issuance and personalization
  • e-Passport scanners for verification
  • e-Gates solution
  • Mobile devices for verification
  • Self-check kiosk solutions

Health Care Cards

  • National projects
  • Combined with e-ID


  • Identity verification
  • Mobile devices for verification
  • Weapon access and inventory

National ID, Resident Permit, Drivers License

  • Contact and contactless solutions
  • Reader boards for issuance and personalization
  • Identity management terminals
  • Citizen ID verification devices
  • Mobile devices for verification

Multiple Non-government Applications

  • Hospitality
  • Cruise ships
  • Retail
  • Electronic Stores