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Animal ID Solutions Brochure  
Posted Date: 23 Февраль 2018

This brochure talks about options HID Global offers for tagging livestock, pets, and laboratory animals.

Embeddable RFID Product Comparison Chart
Posted Date: 23 Февраль 2018

Please note the datasheet is in English.

Glass Tag Family Datasheet
Posted Date: 23 Февраль 2018

Manufactured with HID patented direct-bonding technology, HID Global's Glass Tags deliver exceptional size-to-performance ratios in both low frequency (LF) and high frequency (HF) applications

identiFUEL Vehicle Tags Datasheet
Posted Date: 20 Февраль 2018

HID Global's identiFUEL Vehicle Tags are maintenance-free passive low-frequency (LF) RFID tags designed to wirelessly identify the vehicle and fuel type required when used with a corresponding...

Volcano Tag Datasheet
Posted Date: 20 Февраль 2018

HID Global Volcano Tag passive contactless RFID transponders are built for reliable performance in high-heat conditions, withstanding peak temperatures up to 392° F (200° C).

HID Tags Comparison Chart
Posted Date: 16 Февраль 2018
Industry and Logistics Solutions Brochure
Posted Date: 16 Февраль 2018

The breadth of the HID Global portfolio allows you to easily match an RFID tag to your exact requirements. If you need to track it, we can tag it.