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Database & Data Collection

Use HID proximity or iCLASS® technology to facilitate the collection of data! The employee ID number that is carried on the proximity or iCLASS card can be used in conjunction with other systems or applications throughout the enterprise.

One of the first steps often taken to use this number is the badge enrollment process. By using a desktop reader connected to a PC, users can read the employee ID number from the card and then seamlessly enter that number into other databases associated with other systems or applications used in the organization. This process is sometimes referred to as badge enrollment.

Simplifying the enrollment of employee ID numbers and facility codes reduces costly errors associated with manual entry. Benefits of using an enrollment system include:

  • Increase ease-of-use; it is quicker and easier to present a card to a reader than swiping it.
  • Reduce costs by eliminating errors associated with typos or deciphering the correct numbers from the proximity or iCLASS card.
  • Achieve productivity gains associated with automating the enrollment process.

A popular application for HID proximity or iCLASS technology is in the area of “lean manufacturing and data collection”. Implementations of this type of system involve having a data collection infrastructure that uses the employee ID number from the card to gather real-time data about production processes. Associated software then analyzes the data to enable effective decision-making on the shop floor. In essence, data is used to control essential elements of the manufacturing process resulting in1:

  • Improved performance and productivity through the capture and integration of real-time information about people, parts and processes in the value stream.
  • Increased productivity by enabling managers to coordinate all essential activities, from receiving raw materials and tracking production levels to shipping products.
  • Accelerated inventory turnover – reducing part shortages and ensuring just-in-time inventory replenishment.
  • Reduced overall transaction costs throughout the manufacturing process.

Other systems benefiting from the collection of data from the HID proximity or iCLASS card include time and attendance, logical access, point-of-sale, tool crib, and quality or process control systems on the manufacturing floor.

Use data from the employee physical access card to help facilitate operations and security throughout the organization. Simply connect a reader to a PC, use software, and see how efficient your organization can become!