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Building Automation

One of the most expensive aspects of managing a building is the cost of utilities. Do you need to manage escalating HVAC and lighting bills? If you are tired of seeing lights left on and the air conditioning or heating running while no one is in the building, then building automation may be a solution you need.

With HID’s proximity or iCLASS® technology, you may take several approaches to solving HVAC and lighting issues while also achieving the ability to automate billing. Examples include:

  • A simple approach is to your HID proximity or iCLASS credential to turn heating, air conditioning, or lights on for a pre-determined amount of time. Simply present your HID credential to a reader and the pre-programmed services are activated for the time period (such as two hours) that you specify.
  • Another approach, when using iCLASS read / write credentials, is to load your iCLASS credential with “time”. When you present your iCLASS credential to the reader, the time used is deducted from a pre-set amount of allowable time.
  • For billing purposes you may choose to log each time a proximity or iCLASS credential is used and for how long. (The credential must be used to also turn services “off”.) This then allows you to bill the cardholder for the amount of service time used.

These types of service approaches are typically used in multi-tenant buildings or in large office buildings were individual departments are responsible for payment of utility bills for the department.

The approach taken is based on what the end-user really wishes to accomplish, the type of HVAC and lighting controls used in the building, and the software that is available for deployment.

By implementing building automation, the value of a building is increased and operating costs are reduced. User satisfaction is high; it is easy to have the services you need when you need them. Look to HID Connect Partners to help you to achieve your building automation goals!