What’s (not) in your wallet?


Over the past few months I’ve lost a bicycle helmet, a multi-tool, a set of car/house keys, a pair of sunglasses, two iPhones® and my debit card. I’m definitely on a losing streak.

The absence of most of these items had little or no impact on my daily life, but the loss of my phones and debit card proved to be quite an interruption. While the phones were expensive to replace, the replacement process was unbelievably easy - a phone call, a trip to the mall, and within one day - voilà! New phone.

With the loss of my debit card on the other hand, I had to wait a little over one week to receive a replacement. Given the fact that for me and millions of other people, the debit card has become the de facto monetary vehicle, being without it for an entire week was a huge hassle. Routine purchases of my morning coffee, online bike parts, groceries and gas, etc., suddenly took more time out of my day or simply had to be postponed.

I’m all for avoiding hassle, so I’m excited about a project I’ve been involved in for a long while: A financial card-issuing solution called Instant Issuance that allows banks to print, activate and deliver new or replacement debit cards inside their branch within a matter of minutes, rather than at a remote production facility. Basically, with instant issuance, it would have been just as simple for my bank to hand me a shiny new debit card as it was for my mobile provider to hand me my shiny new phone.

Instant Issuance has already been adopted by a number of banks who “get” the high value their customers place on their debit cards. Those same banks also “get” how instantly issuing, activating and delivering cards translates into more revenue for their institutions, fast.

If you would like to learn more about Instant Issuance, check out these links:

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By the way, you haven’t seen a coffee mug lying around have you? I can’t seem to find mine.