What customers really want in smart cards and access control


Our relationship with HID goes back many years...

...and as an HID Advantage Channel Partner, we regularly encounter three issues that end customers are mainly concerned with when considering smart card implementation and access control: cost, security and convenience. As a result, we see these issues as key drivers in market development. Since HID offers the widest range of reliable and secure solutions for readers and cards with the latest technology that fulfils industry standards with all the required qualifications, we continue to implement projects together to meet evolving customer demands.

For example, one of the latest products we use is HID’s Rijkspas, which was designed specifically for the Dutch market. As part of our partnership with HID Global, we jointly developed an efficient Rijkspas reader / access control solution based on DESFire EV1 13.56 MHz technology for government projects. By offering this solution together with HID, we are able to address all three factors of cost, convenience and security that government customers are mainly concerned with.

Customers and vendors alike will benefit from convergence and wireless applications

Advances in smart card technology itself can also help meet end customers’ needs while creating new business opportunities for vendors and their partners. An example of this is that today organizations can use the same credentials for logical access and physical access, where the end customer can benefit from this convergence by lowering their cost and increasing convenience for their users. Case in point: we recently completed a job where we supplied a large number of logical access readers from HID to an organization that has been a physical access customer for many years.

Another trend I see is in the wireless space. Most of the access control systems right now are wired, but I think that the industry should look into solutions for wireless applications, primarily due to costs. Much of the costs for access control are labour-related, such as wiring, mains supply and everything that is surrounds the product itself. Wireless solutions could create significant cost savings.

These trends of convergence and wireless implementation will not only create growth opportunities for all involved, but will also change the way we do business in the future.