Training: a key to organizational excellence


With the increasing complexity of doing business today, the space between a customer and a lost opportunity or a deal and a disaster, has been reduced to the width of a light beam.

Employee training represents an important process to provide each individual of teams with the skills and knowledge to turn challenges into opportunities, while establishing high-performing teams that focus on meeting customer needs. In light of this, HID continuously invests in talent development in order to quickly adapt to evolving customers' requirements.

It is critical to develop organizational scalability in all functions of our organization to meet and exceed customer requirements. Effective training ensures everyone is aware of our "Customer First" mantra and our core values around building engaged teams that focus on innovation and process excellence. Accordingly, our recent management development program is geared towards educating managers on how to facilitate successful teamwork to deliver on these customer values.

Currently, HID provides a minimum of 40 hours professional development training to employees each year. Our training programs are instrumental in sharing job-related wisdom, skills and expertise that are essential for working with our customers. Employees also gain new customer insights and important tools from each other through our interdepartmental and lean manufacturing trainings, and we've found that the inspirations resulting from this cross-pollination are taken back to the workplace and ultimately improve our customer operations processes.

As part of our commitment to Genuine HID, investing in our team is key since our employees form the foundation that makes it possible for us to deliver quality products and customer service to enhance customer value.

I am excited to be playing a role in the ongoing development of the HID team and having a direct impact on driving HID Global's customer satisfaction excellence.