RF IDeas to help promote progress in the industry


On the plane back from ISC West this year, I was reflecting on a few interesting booth traffic conversations. From the cards and card reader perspective, it is clear there remain two camps of dealers on the technological front:

1). Those who prefer to stay in the traditional comfort zone of 125 kHz proximity cards and only rarely install contactless smartcard and

2). Those embracing the enhanced security and flexibility of the 13.56 MHz contactless smart cards

As with other industries going through significant changes, there are always leaders and all others. It is the responsibility of companies like RF IDeas to help promote progress in the industry as we all benefit. End user benefits include increased functionality and security by leveraging the building security investment to additional applications such as computer logon; point-of-sale and vending; time & attendance; visitor/member management as well as other forms of digital identification throughout the workplace.

How can we help those dealers who are not comfortable with the smartcard approach? We provide an array of choices. For dealers with less confidence in their IT technical ability, we offer our plug-n-play, no software solutions, such as AIR ID Playback. This solution integrates into existing applications and operating systems. Contactless smartcard technology is complex but the implementation of using available memory in the cards can be quite simple.

For those dealers looking to grow and expand with more IT savvy personnel, we offer our very low cost pcProx and AIR ID 82 Series line that tightly integrate with thousands of applications. We advise and refer to appropriate 3rd party vendors with the results being a broader line of solutions and opportunities for the dealer.

I am encouraged by the adoption rate of the enhanced technology cards and readers but feel there is a big hill to climb here. The more we help others in our industry through advice, training and products, the better we service and create opportunities for our customers and dealers.