Now there is more time to UPTrade, recycle and save!


Trade in your old printer for recycling and receive $550 towards a new one!

Your first set of golf clubs. That 250lb box you call a television. Those beat up old running shoes.

Where do these old things go to rest? Hopefully not to the landfill, right? They may have sentimental value, or they may just be too full of hazardous materials to be disposed of in the garbage (I’m speaking of the TV here, not the running shoes).

HID Global doesn’t want you to throw your old card printer in the trash either. That’s why we are willing to take it off your hands and recycle its components properly. HID is dedicated to reducing the environmental impact of our operations and products by driving technology innovation and programs that help our partners and end customers around the world achieve environmental sustainability.

Accordingly, you will receive up to $550 when you trade in your old printer for a new FARGO® Direct-to-Card (DTC) or High Definition Printer!

Choose a new:

DTC4000 - An ideal card printing solution for businesses, schools, and local governments that need a reliable means of printing.
DTC4500 - A robust, high-performance card printing solution for large businesses, college and universities, and government institutions.

Or you can select the HDP5000 for high definition printing on HID Proximity, HID iCLASS® cards, or any other type of technology card.

With our embedded reading and writing capabilities, you can also write to an iCLASS card or read a Prox card inside the printer.

I hope you take advantage of this UPTrade offer before it expires on March 18, 2011. Please contact your FARGO dealer for more information or click here to find a dealer that can help you gracefully put you old card printer to pasture while saving money on a new one. Click here for more information about the UPTrade program.