Key Requirements For ID Card Personalization


Last week at the Security Document World show in London, I had the opportunity to meet with several leading integrators and representatives from a number of different governments across Europe and beyond to discuss the key requirements for ID card personalization equipment that is used for large ID projects.

The integrators and representatives all spoke about the growing demand for highly secure ID documents throughout the world. Government IDs are at the forefront of this demand as local and national governments continually strive for ID credentials that cannot be tampered with or forged. Accordingly, there is also the need for the ID card personalization solutions to work hand-in-hand with the latest multi-functional and multi-purpose ID cards used in citizen ID programs across the globe.

These ID cards must be long-lasting and highly durable and as a result, the cards are increasingly being made using materials such as polycarbonate, requiring that the personalization equipment be able to print on various card material types that also include PC, PET, ABS, and PVC. Government ID credentials also require the highest level of tamper- and fraud-resistant visual security features. To address this need, ID card personalization equipment must be able to apply various types of overt and covert visual security features to the card, such as:


    • Holographic film and overlaminates


    • Flourescent UV printing


    • Laser engraving with tactile effects, microtext, and morphing images through MLI/CLI capability

All of these visual security features on the ID credential are ideally suited to be combined with color printing for the best personalized photo recognition.
In addition to visual security, citizen ID cards can also include multiple technologies such as contact or contactless IC chips or magnetic stripes. The card personalization equipment must be capable of securely embedding personalized data onto the credential utilizing any of those technologies.


During the Security Document World event where HID demonstrated our new FARGO HDP8500 Industrial Printer/Encoder with the HDP8500LE Laser Engraver Module, it became even more clear that this is the type of solution government agencies and integrators are seeking for their growing project demands. Also, in many cases governments are looking to serve their citizens better by having decentralized systems with the ID card personalization equipment in multiple locations to help simplify delivering the IDs to their citizens.

As Product Marketing Director for HID Global's Secure Issuance business, it was especially rewarding for me to meet with so many different representatives from various countries and show them first-hand how the FARGO HDP8500 meets all the requirements for today's citizen IDs, using a desktop form factor that can easily be used in a centralized or decentralized ID program.

It was a great event for HID Global and I am looking forward to the next opportunity to step through how our FARGO solutions are addressing the changing needs of governments and other markets around the world..