Intelligent doors hold the key to solving access control issues


Door access control is a crowded marketplace these days, with a mind-boggling range of independent door solutions from simple keys and locks to magnetic stripe, card and barcode systems.

But all these solutions have one thing in common: their components can’t communicate amongst themselves, and they can’t operate in conjunction with those of other manufacturers. This makes it harder and more expensive for companies to use door solutions across departments, facilities and locations.

HID Global and Abloy UK have teamed up to develop a fully managed door access control solution to tackle these longstanding access control issues: intelligent doors. Intelligent doors are streets ahead of their more basic peers in enabling all components to talk to each other and work together. The concept is based on two increasingly important themes in the access control industry: convergence and convenience. The increasing convergence of IT and physical security and mechanical and electronic solutions provided the inspiration for Hi-O’s use of an open platform.

Meanwhile, customer demands for greater convenience meant Hi-O had to allow remote monitoring and enable easy installation, administration and service; it also drove Hi-O’s simple integration with existing access control systems and credentials. And fewer wires mean faster installation time and lower labour requirements, therefore speeding up time to investment payback.

Over the course of 2010 and beyond, HID Global and Abloy UK will be holding a series of joint events and training sessions as part of the Abloy and HID Academy on HI-O, as well as continuing to engage with architects, consultants, specifiers and end-users to boost their knowledge and expertise. The future looks exciting for intelligent doors, and Hi-O is now well on its way to becoming the industry standard, with trials currently underway in Sweden and Australia. What are your thoughts about intelligent doors and their future?