How long will my FARGO printer last?


Did you ever hear anyone say something like: “How long will my car last if I don’t change the oil?

Hmmm…I should call Ford and find out.”

If your company is thinking of investing in your own photo ID card printing systems, or maybe you already made the leap into the world of instantly issuing employee badges, you have probably asked the question…”how long will it last”?

In my five years at HID Global as a Regional Sales Manager for FARGO products, I have often heard questions very similar to this: What is the 1) MTBF (mean time between failures), 2) life expectancy, 3) number of years I can expect out of the printer.

When I speak with Authorized Service Providers in my territory, I hear a number of tremendous stories that speak volumes to the quality we strive for with our products. An online post from one of our long time FARGO partners serves as an illustration of these types of stories:

“Wow! We have some impressive stories from our repair shop! Yesterday we got a FARGO C25 that was giving the customer a hard time. When our technician checked it, she realized the problem: the card count was 59,000 cards and 0 (zero) cleaning. All it took was a good cleaning! That shows how great these printers are.”

Cleaning your FARGO printer is probably the single most important thing you can do to get many years out of your photo ID card printer. For the record, we recommend cleaning the printer after every 1,000 cards printed and involves cleaning of parts such as the card path, card path rollers and printhead using the cleaning kits available for sale by HID Global. Printer inspection and/or servicing is recommended after every 50,000 cards printed which potentially involves the replacement of mechanical parts such as, but not limited to, rollers, belts, pulleys and o-rings.

So, just as you would change the oil in your car to keep it running smoothly, you should regularly clean your printer to get the return on investment you are looking for.

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