Flat White Anyone?


The first few things that I noticed when I moved to Australia at the end of 2010 were Melbourne's coffee culture and appetite for dining out as well as the widespread of HID's products -- especially iCLASS -- in major cities.

Australia has been an early adopter of 13.56 MHz and HID iCLASS technologies as many organizations have deployed smart card solutions for new installations. Small businesses to large organizations realized early on the benefits of this technology and set out to take full advantage of adding multi-applications to a single card, as well as the higher security this technology offers. And over the past few years, there has continued to be a steady migration from 125 kHz to iCLASS and other smart card technologies in the region. This migration is a global trend, but what's remarkable is that a large number of the iCLASS installations in Australia are also being combined with HID's iCLASS Elite program.

The Elite Program offers customers a custom authentication key that provides an increase to their existing security; HID assigns the key to guarantee uniqueness and programs the site-specific readers and credentials to protect the entire organization against security threats. With Australia being known for its attractiveness as a test market for new technology, it is no surprise that when it comes to access control, organizations in Australia were quick to realize the value of implementing our smart card technology and leveraging HID's iCLASS Elite program for increased security.

In Australia, I've also noticed that there is a deep passion for creating unique experiences to appease the local appetite...not only the appetite for convenient, secure and cost-effective access control solutions, but also for getting the most out of many cultural experiences as well. Two of the most interesting Australian delights I've enjoyed since my arrival are dining out and the Aussies' ability to make grabbing a cup of coffee a spectacular but affordable event.

As I make my way through the culinary treasures the Aussie way and continue to explore the security and access control landscape here, I would love to hear comments and feedback on Genuine HID solutions you have deployed so that we can continue to enhance HID's customer service to suit your needs and provide the best possible secure identity solutions. Sending along your recommendations for spots for a great flat white (a café latte without foam) is welcomed too!