Delivering Value Through Service


This is our motto in the HID customer service group.

Facilitated by feedback from the recent HID Global Voice of the Customer study, we recently augmented our customer service team so the group is better enabled to anticipate and address the global support needs of HID customers. The refinements to the team included extensive Genuine HID training and I am excited to report that the training initiative has brought to light new customer insights that will help us continue to deliver value and world-class support as our customers’ needs evolve.

There are lots of resources that suggest how to achieve customer satisfaction, but for the HID customer service group, the following are some of the key principles I embrace and instill in the team when working with our customers.

1) Passion!: We can never meet customers’ expectations without enthusiasm. As first point of contact, I make sure everyone in our team understands that customers are our number one concern.

2) Uncover the customers’ “needs behind the inquiries”: It is imperative to figure out exactly what customers are looking for. Our job in customer service is to understand the entire picture in order to formulate the most effective response to the customer inquiry.

3) Accountability: Nothing is perfect in the world. No matter how best we prepare, unexpected situations and issues may still occur. Our main goal in customer service is to efficiently identify a corrective action plan in these situations, take full accountability, and assume the responsibility of working with the relevant teams to get issues resolved immediately.

4) Awareness: Whenever issues arise, HID makes a point to gather as much information as swiftly as possible to thoroughly understand and suggest possible solutions to address the issue.

As part of our Genuine HID commitment to deliver superior support, the HID customer service team always strives to provide the “STAR” quality of service -“Seamless, Trustworthy, Attentive, Resourceful” and the recent training workshop definitely bolstered the customer services team’s skills to help us serve our customers better.