"From Crown Jewels to Genuine HID"


When embarking upon our “Customers Come First” campaign to breathe new life into our Physical Access (PACS) business, we recognized, particularly in North America, that we had to link our past success and stronghold in PACS (our “crown jewels”) with a platform for our future success (Genuine HID™).

So what is Genuine HID? Genuine HID represents a unique set of value-added customer and channel partner advantages that enhances HID customer’s experience in product quality, delivery and customer service. It reinforces the long-standing trust that when you buy from HID Global, you invest with confidence.

Invest with Confidence pictureWith Genuine HID, customers benefit from the broadest product line of trusted, fully interoperable secure identity solutions on the market, the industry’s first lifetime warranty and the strongest delivery and response platform available, ensuring that your choice in Genuine HID Global products will optimize your security investment for years to come.

So is Genuine HID a defence mechanism or an enabler? When you centre your value proposition around Genuine HID products, and then link services such as Identity on Demand™ and Priority Plus, with solutions such as HID On The Desktop™, you create a platform for future success. If you also consider the future will include HID Technology provisioned in laptops, computer peripherals, mobile devices and the fact that we will evolve to field programmable readers, you quickly learn that Genuine HID is an entire ecosystem that enables our partners and customers to obtain the full value that HID Global can provide.

New competitors will try to enter our market over the coming years, and they will attempt to position their products as "HID compatible" or "Similar". Genuine HID helps us differentiate from competitors who clone or imitate our products. Let me be absolutely clear, there is no such thing as HID Compatible—there is only Genuine HID and Genuine HID Technology™!

So does Genuine HID just apply to PACS? What started out as a program to further enable our PACS business, has developed into a foundation from which HID Global can grow its business into the future. Our brand is synonymous with a premium market position, and is underpinned by quality and service. When you consider our Fargo® and OMNIKEY® brands are similarly positioned and we face challenges with these products with cloned ribbons and "compatible" readers, you quickly realise that Genuine HID becomes a foundation for our Identity & Access Management business, and ultimately for all offerings from HID Global in the future. So watch out for near-term developments in these areas.

In summary, Genuine HID will allow our customers to invest with confidence in a set of values that will enable us to manage the full life cycle of their product needs. Also remember, that the Genuine HID ecosystem is only available from one trusted advisor - HID Global.