The Cloud on a Card: the possibilities are endless


Earlier this year, we announced the HID Global Trusted Identity Platform™ or TIP, the framework for future secure identity products and solutions.


We shared our vision for a “virtual identity vault” that serves known endpoints, such as credentials, readers and printers, on a secure Internet connection, within a published security policy. We call this a bounded-type system, where all the devices attached to it are known and therefore trusted to exchange information securely.


We spent three years developing this new system that will be able to support all kinds of different nodes—readers, cards and (in the very near future) near-field communication-equipped mobile devices. Each is registered as a “trusted node” and transactions can take place anytime.


Today, HID Global is taking a big step forward in making that vision of a trusted, virtual and on-demand identification network a reality. We’ve partnered with INSIDE Contactless, a leader in NFC chip technologies and one of a handful of companies driving the NFC trials currently underway around the globe.


With INSIDE, we’ll be allowing NFC-enabled phones to hold the same market-leading iCLASS® access control and credentials information as our physical smart card. By holding your phone near a reader, you’ll be able to access buildings, unlock a laptop, gain network access, and do much, much more. Because Internet connectivity is part of every smartphone, you also will be able to use your phone for a host of activities that were previously unheard of. You’ll still get identification and physical access control, but you will be able to merge your credentials with other web services and real-time communication.


Expect to hear more from us in the coming months about virtual credentials, and plan to see the first NFC-driven iCLASS virtual credentials in 2011.