CARTES 2010 in Paris - NFC paves the way for virtual credentials


When I look back at the CARTES & Identification show in Paris this month...

...I can say that one of the main takeaways was definitely that the smart card industry is picking up following several economically challenging years. According to the Brussels-based vendor trade group Eurosmart, more than 5.3 billion smart cards were shipped worldwide during 2010. And this figure is on the rise, with Eurosmart predicting a 13-percent increase in 2011.

This momentum was reflected in the show attendance reported by CARTES & IDentification 2010, where more than 430 exhibitors, almost 19,000 visitors, more than 1,250 congress delegates, and over 140 countries were present this year. But the numbers from the show tell only half the story; the buzz at this year’s conference surrounded Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, security of data and information exchange and trust.

As a key technology in enabling virtual credentials, NFC is redefining the market for major players in the industry, and HID Global is at the forefront of innovation in the field. NFC technology requires that we think differently about topics such as creation and management of secure identities, access control solutions, and the crucial role performed by individual components such as NFC-equipped mobile phones. And how HID Global is addressing this technology was one of the topics highlighted during a CARTES conference keynote session delivered by Daniel Bailin, director of program management and strategic innovation at HID Global.

During his keynote, Daniel discussed HID’s Trusted Identity Platform (TIP) strategy for migrating to virtual credentials and addressing these issues. Simply put, TIP is a central, secure vault that serves known endpoints, such as credentials, readers, laptops, and NFC-equipped mobile phones, in a bounded system, whereby all the attached devices are known and therefore trusted to exchange information securely. These endpoints, or identity nodes, can be securely provisioned anywhere, at any time.


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