Ноябрь 2009


As someone who is based in the Washington, DC area, I am responsible for promoting HID Global’s family of products to the federal, state and local government, as well as integrators who service these markets.

Moreover, I serve as a market resource to the HID sales organization and its channel partners. Hopefully, my blog provides you with an understanding of the opportunities that exist in the government market for credentialing, physical access and logical access solutions, as well as provides you with information and resources that help you better understand the government market and how to leverage funding and regulatory requirements to close business.

The government market represents a significant opportunity for HID and its reseller partners. The top 10 United States Government identity initiatives alone will drive approximately $8 billion in business over the next five years. In addition, opportunities such as PIV, first responders credentials, state employee smart card ID's, convergence and implementation of new smart card credentials have opened the door to expanding opportunities, including updating and enhancing physical access control and logical access control systems. Moreover, federal funding, such as ARRA (Stimulus Bill), is providing increased drive for state and local governments to procure enhanced security measures.

The Federal Government provides outstanding opportunities for identity and security solutions Yet, many HID partners do not actively pursue federal business because of the perception that you have to be based in Washington, DC or that major federal government integrators, such as Lockheed Martin, EDS, etc., limit access to the market. Well, I am here to say that it is a common misperception. 

In fact, there are federal facilities or agencies located in every state. DOD, VA, GSA, U.S. courthouses and the National Guard all represent local federal business opportunities. Additionally, major federal contractors are always looking for local partners with a specialty, for instance, PACS or local support capability to partner with them on large integration contracts.

State and local government credentialing ID system opportunities are rapidly expanding due to the efforts of the Federal Government. Many of these new opportunities such as the first responder credential and state employee IDs leverage the FIPS-201 model. The Transportation Workers Identity Credential (TWIC) has made a significant impact on the implementation of credentialing solutions and physical access control throughout U.S., with ports, transportation terminals and more included.

Next week we will begin a series on Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12 (HSPD12) and the resulting FIPS 201 standard that is making a major impact on federal access control and also influences credentialing and access control within state and local governments.


As expected, HID conducted its sixth successful Roundtable, HID Global Roundtable 2009. The venue, accommodations, meals, travel coordination and fun could not have been better, thanks to the entire HID Team.

Special thanks go out to Heather Eyre for her attention to detail in taking care of us all.

Although the Marriott San Diego Gaslamp Quarter is a fantastic location for fun and sun, the Roundtable event was a strategic business collaboration effort that brought HID closer to the customers by engaging more than thirty consultants and integrators from around North America. To HID’s credit, they have recognized that advancement of the security industry can be encouraged and influenced by engaging personnel that interact with the end user on a daily basis.

During the opening day events, this select group of security professionals, along with the HID Team, was able to discuss and debate the current economic climate, the security industry, HID’s position and the future. This opening exchange set the tone for an exciting afternoon of golf and a second day of energetic interaction at the Roundtable.

The second day events kicked off with the HID Team unveiling the HID strategy and recent product development. This unveiling was designed to enlighten us as well as challenge us in later more thorough discussions with the HID Product Development staff. As the day proceeded and we discussed/debated product and program development, the HID Team received invaluable feedback and perspective that could not be gained from internal resources alone.

As a security consultant and having been involved with the Roundtable from its inception, this is truly a collaborative effort that not only benefits HID, but everyone involved. I always leave the Roundtable with the satisfaction that I have a clear sense and confirmation of the security industry direction as well as an understanding of leading edge technologic advancements on the horizon for the security industry. Confidence in these industry motivators give me solace as I provide consulting services to my clients and customers around the world. Great job HID, and I look forward to the next Roundtable.


A couple years back I used to think of HID as simply a card and reader company. Well, I Just finished spending a couple of productive days at the 6th annual HID Integrator Roundtable in San Diego, CA. and I would say my thinking has changed.

Approximately 20 system integrators from across North America participated, each bringing their own unique perspective on the challenges and successes in today’s market. Having attended in the past, I came in expecting that HID would hit it out of the park when it came to updating the group on their technology, product development and valued services….They didn’t disappoint. What I was completely unprepared for was the depth of interaction that took place between the various integrators. In past events, I found most integrators tended to keep ideas and thoughts to themselves rather then share with the other “competitors” in the room. This year was different. By breaking us down into smaller groups, the interaction went through-the-roof and the competitive walls came down - if only for a couple of days.

HID’s Product Marketing team took a deeper dive into their respective technologies and provided insight into what to expect over the next twelve months. Under a signed NDA, I can’t get into any specific details regarding what they shared with the group. What I can say is strap yourself in and get ready for some game-changing solutions! It was great to see HID Product/Marketing Managers genuinely interested in getting feedback and validation regarding these new solutions. I had the sense they were looking for ways to continually improve their solutions and appreciated the candid discussion and straight-forward advice from all the integrators.

Eric Widlitz (HID’s Managing Director - Americas) provided an overview of the new Advantage HID Channel Partner Program which was recently launched at the ASIS show in Anaheim, CA. The consensus of the group was that this program was a “no-brainer” in terms of integrator participation. The group discussion focused on the stated need for integrators to use this as a differentiator in their respective markets. In the end, we all agreed that it’s a new program which will need time to develop and evolve…More to come I’m sure.

Holly Sacks (Sr. VP Marketing & Corporate Strategy) provided insight into HID’s global strategy and most importantly how this relates to the individual business development strategies of the integrators and other partners they work with. Sharing HID’s corporate vision with the group, Holly went on to say that in the end, it really comes down to quality. “Quality for the integrator, so it works right the first time…..Quality for the installer, so it works right in less time, and quality for the customer, so it works right all the time”….Is this good stuff or what? Denis Hébert (President and CEO of HID Global) put a nice finishing touch on the Roundtable event by providing a broader view of the organization, high-level financial results, their response to the global market downturn & the continued focus on investing in quality, service & innovation initiatives.

The message I walked away with is that HID continues to take a leadership role in developing and driving product and service solutions for the customers we serve. This is an organization not resting on its successes and continues to evolve to meet the changing market demands. This is not just a card and reader company, that’s for sure.


As the world economy continues to struggle with one of its biggest upheavals in living memory, the banking and financial landscape has been forever changed.

The worldwide recession has dug in its heels, producing business scandals that have shaken our faith in some of the institutions we had previously trusted.

Proving to be a challenge for individuals and businesses alike, the recession is also a great opportunity for each of us to take stock of our values in life and in business. It’s easy to lose sight of your personal values when times are hard and it’s equally easy for businesses to let their brand values slip during a downturn in the market. However, some of the best businesses have been born out of difficult economic climates, as have some of the strongest business values.

Looking back on my first year within the Global Account Team at HID Global, I can honestly say that I count myself very lucky to find my own personal values - integrity, honesty and trust - reflected in our business practices and within my colleagues here at HID Global.

Even though we are in the midst of an unprecedented economic crisis, those values shouldn’t change because the market takes a turn for the worse. It’s easy to make glib statements about “putting the customer first,” but it’s not so easy to deliver this in practice. At HID Global, we remain firmly committed to our “customer first” business philosophy. Our customers are critical to the company's success - just ask anyone at HID Global and you'll find that "customer first" is the mantra we live by to ensure we are always focused on our most critical stakeholders - You!

The Global Account Program at HID Global has been put in place to support customers with a global footprint that may require a more tailored, global approach to account management.

If you are interested in finding our more about this program, please email me at [email protected].